A  Comedy of Tenors

at Paper Mill Playhouse

The sequel to the grand-slam Tony® Award-winning comedy Lend Me a Tenor! One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? It’s 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century—as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep the amorous Italian superstar and his hot-blooded wife from causing runaway chaos. An uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight.

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at New Door at New York Theatre Workshop

Houses on the Moon presents its acclaimed production of DE NOVO, which tells the true story of a teenaged boy from Guatemala who faced deportation after fleeing to the U.S. to escape gang life.  The gang MS13 was the only family Edgar Chocoy had ever known, but he dreamed of a better life. At fourteen, he fled Guatemala City and travelled over 3,000 miles, across the borders of three countries in search of his mother, who left him when he was a baby to find work in the United States. Detained by the Department of Homeland Security, he pleaded with a Colorado judge not to deport him to Guatemala, where the gang he left had sentenced him to death.
This documentary play is crafted entirely from immigration court transcripts, letters, and extensive interviews conducted by Houses on the Moon company members in Los Angeles, Colorado and Arizona at Southwest Key, the largest facility for detained immigrant minors in the United States.  DE NOVO is augmented with projected images from Donna DeCesare, an award-winning photojournalist who is widely known for her groundbreaking coverage of the spread of Los Angeles gangs in Central America.

DE NOVO provides a rare glimpse into the life of an "unaccompanied alien minor," thousands of whom make the dangerous journey across the border and through the U.S. justice system each year. Though there are thousands of foreign-born minors in U.S. custody; barriers of language, age, class, culture, and law conspire to make this population invisible to many. Their stories of migration are poignant, heroic and painful.  They deserve to be heard.

MotherFreakingHood! (Maternal Discretion Advised)​ - NYMF 2017
at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Celebrating the mother you never thought you should be.

Rachael, wide-eyed and optimistic, is elated to finally put her party days behind and become a mom... #YAY! Angie has pre-enrolled her unborn child in the most exclusive all-girls preschool (definitely a girl, she already has a boy). After three kids, Marcia thought she was done. Is it bad that she doesn’t want to cancel her wine of the month club or stop having sex on her back? With a soundtrack ranging from rock to pop to funk and more, join these three unlikely friends as they bond in the trenches from pregnancy tests to empty nests, dominating the diapers and tackling the teens with unmotherly charm, one bottle at a time!

Winner: Outstanding Individual Performance - Harriett D. Foy


Church & State
at New World Stages

In the wake of an elementary school shooting in his hometown of Raleigh, NC, a Republican U.S. senator makes an off-the-cuff comment to a blogger that not only calls into question the senator's stance on guns, but also his belief in God three days before his bid for re-election. As his devoutly Christian wife and liberal Jewish campaign manager try to contain the damage, this look at how religion, guns, and social media influence our political system is simultaneously funny, honest, heartbreaking, and uplifting.

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The Thing with Feathers
at The Barrow Group MainStage Theatre

A world premiere, with a cast of four, The Thing with Feathers feels almost like a thriller as Scott Organ masterfully spins the tale of an underage teenager who is seduced by an older man on the internet.  Things are not as they seem however.

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at The The Barrow Group MainStage Theatre

A Co-Production presented by The Barrow Group and The Pond Theatre Company

Set in the leafy north London suburb of Muswell Hill, a dinner party turns dangerously fraught, yet increasingly comical, as the host and guests rattle their upper middle class complacency to a point of no return.  Amidst this domestic disaster, an earthquake in a developing nation rocks the rest of the world. How can they justify their everyday worries in an ever more fragile world?

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at Theatre 54 at Shetler Studios

The Triangle Waist Company fire on March 25, 1911, lives in infamy as one of the worst disasters in the history of  New York City. In just a few short minutes, over one hundred and forty lives were abruptly extinguished when the 8th, 9th and 10th floors of the Triangle Waist Company were consumed by fire on that fateful March day.

FIRE dramatically interweaves fictionalized stories about these young transplants with actual testimony from the trial against the owners of the factory. It poetically explores the theme of avarice juxtaposed against the dream of living in a new land and all the promise that goes along with it.

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One Funny Mother

at New World Stages

Have you ever gone un-showered for days, fought with your husband over who works harder or had a kid pee on you? Dena Blizzard’s hilarious new show One Funny Mother will make you realize you’re not crazy…motherhood is!

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How To Be An American!

at York Theatre Company at St. Peter's

The year is 1905. One week before the next election. New York City. Tammany Hall politician George Washington Plunkitt has gathered a group of new immigrants for the purpose of educating them on the subtleties of the American political system. Come join the party in this Mufti-style staged concert performance, and experience a real-life lesson on honest graft, dishonest graft and the American way that's as relevant now as it was over 100 years ago!

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A Class Act

at New World Stages

When a major chemical company pours cancer causing waste into the water supply, a high powered law firm brings a class action lawsuit on behalf of the thousands of people affected. Who wins? Who loses? Does the ordinary person ever realize justice in the end?

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My Father's Voice

at The Playroom Theater

In 1938, Richard Krebs, a German seaman, jumped ship in Newport News, Virginia and vanished into America. In December 1940, under the name Jan Valtin, he published the autobiography of his life, first as a communist revolutionist serving Stalin, next, as a Gestapo prisoner of the Third Reich, and finally of his escape from both of them. It became a national sensation. In 1942 he was imprisoned on Ellis Island as an enemy alien. In 1944-45 he served the United States as a combat infantryman in the jungles in the Pacific War. 

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at New World Stages

Music, art, and the technological magic of iLuminate bring you a story of adventure and romance told through dance styles ranging from contemporary, hip-hop, latin, and breaking, all using the power of light. With a mash-up of dazzling wizardry, spectacular dance moves, fun audience-interactive games and high-tech effects,
iLuminate delivers this unique dance-in-the-dark event.

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The Amazing Max

at Theatre at The Church of The Blessed Sacrament

Max Darwin earned the moniker “The Amazing Max“ for his extraordinary skills as a magician and also for his ability to entertain adult audiences while keeping the little ones spellbound. Max combines magic and comedy, making objects appear and disappear and generally defying the laws of physics inches from theatergoer’s faces. This high-energy, interactive and all-around silly show is appropriate for audiences of all ages (recommended 3 & up). The Amazing Max, is a perfect way to spend time with the entire family!

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Fuerza Bruta

​Daryl Roth Theatre

Originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005, and celebrating 11-years worldwide, Fuerza Bruta is an uninhibited and unforgettable show you have to see to believe!  The culmination of the De La Guarda legacy, this latest incarnation of Fuerza Bruta takes the audience on a 65-minute thrill ride, including an extra 20 minutes of heart-thrashing, fast-paced fun, rousing live music, mind-blowing projections, and breathtaking aerial displays. With the newly designed giant scenography and scenes set above the audience, the show is sure to present fans of the previous incarnations (and new fans alike) with fresh experiences and guarantee that Fuerza Bruta will deliver theatrical thrills that flood the senses.

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The Assignment
in repertory with gUN Country
at A.R.T./New York Theatres

The world premiere of The Assignment, an original play by Camilo Almonacid, developed by Houses on the Moon Theater Company, a co-production with Rhymes Over Beats. Running in repertory with The Assignment is gUN COUNTRY, a sneak peek into Houses on the Moon’s creative process of developing new work.  Curated by Jeffery Solomon and Emily Joy Weiner, gUN COUNTRY is a collection of true stories written, developed and presented by Houses on the Moon Theater Company members and members of the community whose lives have been touched by guns.

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Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose
at the Loft at the Davenport Theatre

It has been said that theatre at its most basic is great storytelling.  Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose is an exhilarating story, and indeed brilliantly told. Two-time Tony Award-winning character actor George Rose (The Mystery of Edwin Drood, My Fair Lady, The Pirates of Penzance), a bon-vivant with a flair for the dramatic and the eccentric, starred on the Broadway and London stages alongside luminaries like Katharine Hepburn, Noel Coward, Dame Edith Evans, Richard Burton, and Laurence Olivier in a storied career that met an unexpected end. In this giddy, humorous, and moving celebration, Ed Dixon recounts his own tale of how he came to know and admire George over a twenty-year friendship until the unimaginable changed everything. Georgie introduces us to the greatest stars of the London and Broadway stage with laughs and surprises, tantalizing anecdotes, and flashes of song and dance. Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose is as hilarious and captivating as it is poignant and powerful. An amazing journey for all who love theater.

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Shakespeare on the Sound's Macbeth
Pinkney Park, CT

Directed by Artistic Director Claire Shannon Kelly, MACBETH will transform the idyllic Pinkney Park on the Five Mile River to the eerie Scottish Highlands.  Kelly wants the production to be an immersive experience for the audience; Macbeth’s journey will be their journey too. Kelly and the designers, Brian Prather (sets), Grier Coleman (costumes) and Jamie Roderick (lighting) blur the lines between actors and audience with a setting that evokes the Ouroboros (the ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail).  Several individual set locations will allow for the action of the play to be performed in and around the audience. Lady Macbeth (Obie Award winner Winsome Brown) feeds Macbeth’s (Drama Desk Award winner Graham Stevens) ambition and gives him the strength to pursue his darkest desires. 

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